GreenGrowth. Sustainable Investing That Doesn't Cost The Earth

We are the investment app you can feel good about. High-impact, low-cost portfolios invested in companies actively fighting climate change. 

Why Choose GreenGrowth?


We only invest in funds run by experienced and qualified fund managers.


Your money and assets are held separately with a dedicated custodian and protected by the FSCS.


We only invest in companies that have an impact in one or more of our environmental themes.


We don’t charge any trading or withdrawal fees and opening an ISA or GIA with us is free. Our low fees start from just 0.6% per annum and drop to 0.4% over 5 years.

The companies of tomorrow are tackling today's biggest challenge: Climate Change

Gain exposure to the single biggest trend of our generation: the fight against climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

We built GreenGrowth because we believe that everybody should be able to invest their money in a way that can help solve the biggest environmental challenges.

When you invest, your capital is at risk.

What We Do

Stocks & Shares ISA

A tax-free savings account that lets you deposit up to £20,000 during the course of each tax year.

General Investment Account

A standard investment account with no limits on the amount you can contribute.

Invested Across 5 Impactful Themes

Invested across 5 sustainable funds


Companies working to decrease the carbon emissions from our grid.

Sustainable Agriculture

Companies accelerating the transition towards sustainable food production systems.

Clean Water

Companies working to reduce the amount of waste water in the world.


Circular Economy

Companies working to reduce waste and recycle more.



Green Transport

Companies working to revolutionise transport with sustainable tech.


Sustainable investments

Invest exclusively in companies solving the planet’s biggest environmental challenges, from plastic and water waste to rising carbon emissions.

Choices based on your carbon footprint

Tailor your investments to your environmental footprint by taking our short survey, or by choosing which themes to invest in.

See your impact

From CO2 emissions saved to the amount of waste water treated, you’ll be able to see your investment’s environmental benefits over time.

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Make your money work for you and the environment

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