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As soon as you’ve downloaded the app, you’re good to go and just minutes away from making your first investment with GreenGrowth! 

Here’s how it works…

green investing app

Step 1

Choose your account type

Tell us if you’ll be opening a Stocks & Shares ISA, or a General Investment Account. Unsure what this means? It’s really important, so check out our FAQs.

green investing app

Step 2

Choose your investments

With GreenGrowth, you can do this in two different ways: Carbon footprint investment or Themed investment.

Carbon footprint investment

Want to have the biggest impact? This is where it gets really exciting. Take our short carbon footprint survey and let us do the rest! We’ll show you where your daily life is having the biggest environmental impact, then use this data to allocate portions of your investment to the sustainability theme(s) where it will make the biggest difference.

This level of personalised impact is completely unique to GreenGrowth.



Themed investments

Choose which sustainability themes to invest in. You can select up to 5, each of which have been chosen to address some of the biggest environmental challenges facing the planet. Choose how much of your investment to allocate to each theme.

Step 3

Review your investment details

You’re almost there, but before you commit, we summarise everything clearly for you: your investment, which theme(s) your investment has been allocated to, the environmental impact it will have (CO2 emissions avoided, litres of water recycled and so on) as well as each fund’s past performance, which is (as with all investments) no guarantee of future returns.

We also show you the fees associated with your investment – both our management fee and any underlying fees associated with each fund. This is because we want to be completely upfront and transparent, so there are no hidden ‘surprises’ down the line.

Step 4

Identity checks

We’ll need to run some identity checks, which we do with the help of our partner, Yoti. You’ll briefly be redirected to their website to complete these, then after a moment you’ll be redirected straight back into the GreenGrowth App.

Step 5

Transfer the amount

Finally, we’ll ask you to transfer the amount you’d like to invest into our secure and FSCS protected account. We trade at 4pm every weekday, so assuming you made the deposit before then, you’ll be invested after that time the very same day. Or, if you deposit after 4pm, you’ll be invested at that time the following working day.

That's it!

You’re all set-up

From this point on, your dashboard will show you the total value of your investment(s) and list your portfolio(s). You can even give your portfolio its own, unique name, if you’d like?

You’ll be able to track both the financial performance of your investment(s) and see its environmental impact at any time. We’ll clearly show you how hard your money is working – for you and for the planet.

Oh, one last thing…

Give yourself a pat on the back!
You’re now part of the green investment revolution!

Make yourself a brew (maybe a green tea?) and, if you like what you see, why not tell your friends?

Download the app. Capital at Risk.

How it works

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