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sustainable investment

Our mission

Did you know that where you invest your money can be a really important decision you can make for the future of the planet? It can have an even greater environmental impact than switching to a renewable energy tariff, going vegan and stopping flying, combined.

That’s why, at GreenGrowth, we’re on a mission to empower people just like you to invest for a more sustainable world.

Our revolutionary new app enables people to invest in a climate positive way that is transparent, personalised and above all, impactful.

This is because we believe it’s possible to do well and do good.

Our team

We’re not your typical bunch of investment bankers. Our small, but dedicated team is committed to doing right by your investments and the planet. We have an in-depth knowledge of the sustainable economy, managing investments and the technology needed to do this. In a nutshell, we know what we’re doing and we care.

sustainable investment

Chris Webb


Chris is an award-winning expert in sustainability, the environment and is passionate about tackling the climate emergency head on.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Chris, is a self-proclaimed climate optimist and a huge believer in our ability to turn things around. Originally starting out as an ecologist, since studying climate change, Chris has built a career in helping businesses bring about real change through their sustainability practices, both at home and abroad. He steers our ship and ensures GreenGrowth’s efforts – and your investments – will have the greatest possible environmental benefit.

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Marc Hendriks


Marc is our sustainable investments ‘guru’ and brings a wealth of experience as both a professional financial economist and an asset investment manager.

Our Chief Investments Officer, Marc, is all too familiar with the economic and investment complexities of solving the climate crisis but knows that most people want to be good investors for the climate. Marc’s goal is to demystify the financial markets for investors who care about the planet and to use his experience and skills to help people make better choices and informed decisions.

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Luke Harbord


Every great team needs a great tech geek and Luke is ours, with several leadership positions at fintech start-ups already to his name

Our Chief Technology Officer, Luke, has held senior technology leadership positions at numerous fintech companies. He is The Brains Behind the App and has made it his personal mission to make GreenGrowth highly secure, reliable and easy to use. Coupled with a passion to save our wonderful planet, Luke joining the team was a no brainer.

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How we do it

Environmental themes:

As you might expect, the environment is up front and centre in deciding where to invest. We scour the investment universe for funds which match one of our 5 sustainable investment themes, many of which focus on the reduction of harmful CO2 emissions. Our themes are; clean energy, green transport, the circular economy, sustainable agriculture and clean water.

Environmental impact:

Measuring the environmental impact of your investment is critical, but complicated. We take data provided by the fund managers and directly source additional environmental data from the companies you are invested in to provide a more complete picture of your investments. We are completely transparent with how we measure the environmental impact of your portfolio because we believe that more information helps you make better choices.

Monitoring performance:

In addition to ensuring that the funds have the best possible environmental credentials they also need to be financially fit for purpose. We analyse the funds for their investment performance and monitor the investment process of the fund manager to check they are doing what they say they are doing. We also keep searching for new funds as sustainable investing is a rapidly growing and changing landscape.

Our values

True impact

Our investment universe consists of climate-conscious, forward-thinking funds that are actively seeking ways to solve some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time.


We’d love to tell you that solving the climate emergency is simple, but it isn’t. The same is true for green investments. We promise to bring true transparency to our clients; providing comprehensive information for investments on our platform.

Joining the dots

We believe the best way to empower our clients is to show them their environmental impact. We’re an investment platform that allows clients to invest based on their carbon footprint. No gimmicks, no greenwashing, just real data.

Be part of the solution

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