GreenGrowth and Datia partner to make sustainable investments easier for retail investors

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17th August, 2022
London, United Kingdom – Stockholm, Sweden

GreenGrowth Investments, a new sustainable investment app, and Datia, a climate
fintech, have partnered to help UK consumers make more sustainable investment

GreenGrowth empowers consumers to invest for a more environmentally responsible
world. By adding Datia’s technology to its app, GreenGrowth leverages the analysis of
thousands of ESG data points across ETFs and UCITS funds to determine their ESG

GreenGrowth provides retail investors with information on a range of impactful
environmental themes, including clean energy and water, sustainable agriculture, and
green transport. Combining the portfolio construction with Datia’s ESG analysis enables
GreenGrowth to show individuals the environmental impact of their personal investments.
From CO2 emissions avoided to the amount of renewable electricity generated.

The analysis is more than just a snapshot, it provides data analysis over the time the
investor has held a particular investment. It enables clients’ positive impact to grow
along with their assets.

Juan Manuel Serruya, CEO at Datia, commented: “Datia’s mission is to accelerate
the transition of capital towards sustainable investments. Retail investors are a key
component of that mission and we’re proud to work with GreenGrowth to support their
sustainable investing app.”

Marc Hendriks, CIO of GreenGrowth, shared: “We spoke to many data providers and
Datia was a stand-out in terms of the search for the truth, commitment to innovation and
incredible willingness to help another start-up. Looking forward to the next stage of our

About GreenGrowth
GreenGrowth is a new sustainable investing app that allows users to invest in underlying
sustainable funds across a range of 5 impactful, environmental themes such as clean
energy and sustainable agriculture
Their mission is to give people’s money the greatest personal impact. After measuring a
user’s carbon footprint via an in-app questionnaire, the user can then invest into
corresponding environmentally-themed funds, weighting them more heavily into the
areas they are most polluting. Alternatively, investors can select themes that tackle their
particular environmental objectives.
It’s available to download now on Apple and Android.

About Datia
Datia is a climate fintech company on a mission to empower investor’s transition to
sustainable finance, serving asset managers, wealth advisors and tech platforms. Founded
in 2019 by Juan Manuel Serruya and Manne Larsson and headquartered in Stockholm,
Sweden, Datia has a customer network with over $100B assets under management
For more information, visit

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